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This page includes tutorials for general Windows topics.  Click on the links below to start the tutorials.  You can click the pause button in the top right of the screen at any time if you need more time to absorb the material.  Your comments are welcome. 

Yes, It's F R E E !  

E n j o y !




General / Windows (updated 11/15/2018)


Windows Overview (Basic Start Icon / Open / Save )


Accounting 101 (Basics of Debits and Credits)


Professional Phone Skills (Short and Easy updated 11/2018  Shown at Dev-Learn 2012)

1:26 - 5:00

Using WinZip (Essential Skills for Zipping/Unzipping) updated 11/2018



Essential Windows Skill - Using Windows File Explorer

Skills Assessment - Do You Know Essential Windows File Skills?
Using Windows File Explorer to Find, Open, Save, Copy, Paste filesles


Introduction to File Management
File skills based on the way you file things with folders and file cabinets


Using Wiindows Explorer for File Management
File skills based on the way you file things with folders and file cabinets



Can We build a Tutorial or Training Program for You?

FinSoft, LLC is a software development company with the AssetWriter and AssetReader programs.  Clear Choice Seminars, Inc. is a training provider that specializes in on-site training, Help files, Web-Based demonstrations and Tutorials.  The companies are under common ownership and can provide a wide range of solutions from program or web-based software systems to accounting and finance training solutions.



  • "Basic accounting skills are so important and every person that does finance needs to ace the basics.  I wish I had your Accounting 101 Flash thing when I was a college freshman because I made simple mistakes at first.  This tutorial is a must pass for all lenders and certainly for the audit staff.  Also, thanks for the WinZip tutorial, I get it now and the Phone Skills tutorial is an indictment on how people can do so badly when trying to communicate.  Overall super fast and helpful.  How about some more?"  (name withheld by request - NY, NY)

  • "After all these years of "compfusion" I can finally understand file management and I just used WinZip and SendTo without fumbling... I'm finally in control of Windows.  Thanks Joe" (name withheld by request - NY, NY)

  • "Sometimes the web has too much bland old marketing BS, but this is just fantastic and it usurped my expectations (A+++), just fantastic!... Also, I had stupid phone skills (I'm cured now)... Add more if you can, I can't wait." (name withheld by request - Memphis, TN)

  • "I'm not a spectator anymore, I'm in the game... The Phone Skills tutorial was funny because I know so many people (clients, VP's and SVP's) that don't get this... Love the Elvis bit (He's alive you know).  THANKS!" (name withheld by request - Los Angeles, CA)

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