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ABL Help asset based lending -  Free Traiing and Ineligibles

24 Years

FinSoft is recognized as the company that literally wrote the book (electronic book) on ineligible accounts receivable and inventory calculations with the release of ABL-Help in December of  1998 (updated annually).  This is still considered the most complete Asset Based Lending ineligible calculation resource available and it is why FinSoft's AssetReader and AssetArchive products shine for electronic ineligible calculations and real-time fraud detection.  

ABL-Help is a program based reference manual designed as an expert level training tool to Asset Based Lending professionals, officers, servicing department staff and auditors.  How much information... Over 180+ contiguous pages of information that feature 189+ ineligible explanations, a 770+ Glossary with 1,925+ cross-reference hyperlinks.  All on disk, all a click away, constantly updated and free:

ABL-Help is Now at ABLHelp.com


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