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ABL Help (FREE ABL Help File)

ABL Help Asset Based Lending -  Free Traiing and Ineligibles

Clear Choice Seminars ABL Training Seminar Course Education
About Clear Choice Seminars

ABLTrain Training Seminar Course Education for Asset Based Lending

Self-Paced On-Line Learning for Asset Based Lending.  Featuring a blended approach that uses video, detailed course materials, ABL specific examples, a discussion board for each lesson, pre-quiz self assessments, quizzes for all lessons and a final exam for each course. Individuals or your entire organization can take one or more course.  Outstanding learning without the high cost of travel.


These organizations offer a wide range of asset based lending training seminar course choices.  Borrowers are smarter than ever and with your job (and the livelihood of others) on the line, don't settle for anything less than the best choice for your needs.


Clear Choices Seminars, Inc.

Home of and Intermediate/Advanced ABL Auditing for field examiners and the most acclaimed course in the asset based lending business (per students). 


ABL-Train Self-Paced On-Line Learning for asset based lenders.  Expert instruction with a huge cost savings, testing and accountability for one or your entire group.  Easy to see why this is the best choice for training. 

See the Catalog of Seminars

Intermediate ABL Audit Seminar (the #1 Asset Based Lending training seminar course)

Data Analysis Techniques for Auditing (ABL specific electronic data analysis)  

Using Field Examination Reports (a guide for Account Officer's)

Cash Flow Analysis for Asset Based Lending (taught at you location only)


Real asset-based lending training seminar courses with superb formats, multimedia presentations and exceptional content that has redefined and set the standard for Asset Based Lending Training content and instruction.  Taught by ABL insiders- Check It Out!

Factoring Conference 2022

ABL-Help is a Windows Help File and is the most popular Asset Based Lending software in the world!  Installed on thousands of computers and at almost every major ABL Lender in the world for just-in-time training and reference materials.  Different versions for different needs and up to 190+ ineligible definitions (ineligible receivables, ineligible inventory and ineligible reserves).  ABL-Help includes mathematical proofs, almost 750 glossary definitions, advanced turnover diagnostics and tons of information.  Free since 1998 and a small purchase price for more advanced versions.

Windows Tutorials (FREE Windows Basics Training)

Tired of being confused with Windows basics and wasting time on simple tasks that others fly through?  Clear Choice Seminars, Inc. and FinSoft, LLC bring a few must-know tutorials to everyone.  Tutorials include:  Windows Overview, File Management Basics, Using WinZip and Telephone Skills.  Written with the same technology that our software users are enjoying.  More stuff is planned.  Unlike lunch, this is FREE and each topic goes in a Flash!

American Bankers Association

Extensive options for training; well done!  This site includes classes and "schools" for the commercial lender.  Additional information about the ABA is also located at this site.

American Institute of Banking:


New York

Southern New England



As a service of the American Bankers Association, the AIB offers relevant and timely programs for career advancement. Nationally prescribed curriculum of almost 200 courses enhanced by locally developed programs tailored to meet your specific needs.  Courses are offered at colleges throughout the USA

International Factoring Association (IFA)

The International Factoring Association provides a wide range of seminars that appear to both Factors and ABL professionals.  The annual International Factoring Association Conference is clearly the best conference that we have ever attended due to a focus on training, great locations and outstanding networking opportunities.  This is the one to attend!

RMA Headquarters and Home Page

If you have ever used the RMA Annual Statement Studies,  taken Mentor-Omega or the rock-solid Uniform Credit Analysis classes, then you know about the kind of quality that RMA stands for. Of course, you probably already read their Journal of Lending and Credit Risk Management.  You can request a catalog of their courses at 1-800-677-7621

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