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General ABL
Asset-Based Lending : A Practical Guide to Secured Financing -- Peter H. Weil
Hardcover 1992 Ring Bound 1995  Amazon Price: $145.00 (Special Order)

Problem Loan Problem Solver :
Step by Step Strategies for Resolving Bankruptcy
-- Peter S. Clarke, Daniel H. Johnston
Hardcover 1994 Amazon Price: $55.00

The Banker's Complete Credit and Loan Administration Deskbook:
Developing and Monitoring a Cost-Effective Quality Control Program
-- Peter S. Clarke

Paperback 1994 Amazon Price: $60.00 (Special Order)

White and Summer's Handbook on Secured Transactions;
Paperback  1998 Amazon Price: $30.00

General Factoring
The Business of Factoring:
A Manager's Guide to Factoring and Invoice Discounting
-- David Hawkins;
Hardcover 1993 Amazon Price: $89.50

A Guide to Factoring and Invoice Discounting:
The New Bankers
-- Tim Lea, Wendy Trollope
Hardcover 1996 Amazon Price: $71.95

Factoring in the Uk:
A Report and Guide to the Factoring Industry
  -- Michael Bickers
Paperback 1995 Amazon Price: $565.00

Lender Liability
A Lender's Guide to Environmental Liability Management -- Thomas M. Missimer;
Hardcover 1996 Amazon Price: $59.95

Environmental Risk:
A Special Collection from the Journal of Commercial Bank Lending

Paperback 1991 Amazon Price: $37.00 (Special Order)

Lender Liability -- A. Barry Cappello, Frances E. Komoroske;
Hardcover 1993 Amazon Price: $115.00

Lender Liability Law, Practice and Prevention -- Gerald Blanchard
Hardcover 1992 Amazon Price: $200.00 (Special Order)

A Practical Guide to the Law of Secured Lending -- Eric Mills Holmes, Peter J. Shedd

Hardcover 1986 Amazon Price: $59.95 (Special Order)

Handbook on Secured Transactions Under the Uniform Commercial Code -- Ray D. Henson;
Hardcover 1979 Amazon Price: $24.75

Secured Transactions Law and Documentation:
A Guide for Loan Officers
-- William C. Hillma
Paperback 1986 Amazon Price: $59.95 (Special Order)

Uniform Commercial Code (14th edition);
Paperback 1998 Amazon Price: $26.95

Accounting Irregularities and Financial Fraud: A Corporate Governance Guide -- Michael R. Young

Paperback 2000 Amazon Price: $79.20

Big Money Crime :
Fraud and Politics in the Savings and Loan Crisis
-- Kitty Calavita, et al

Paperback 1999: $14.36

Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting -- George A. Manning
Hardcover 1999 Amazon Price: $69.95

Financial Shenanigans:
How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks and Fraud in Financial Reports
--Howard Mark, Ph.D.;

Hardcover 1993 Amazon Price: $16.07

Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting:
New Tools and Techniques
-- JackBologna, et al;

Hardcover 1995 Amazon Price: $79.95

Fraud Auditing : An International Perspective -- Rocco Vanasco
Paperback 1997 Amazon Price: $22.90

Fraud : Bringing Light to the Dark Side of Business -- W. Steve Albrecht, et al
Hardcover 1994 Amazon Price: $22.75

How to Detect and Prevent Business Fraud -- Al Albrecht, et al
Hardcover 1982  Amazon Price: $60.00

Fraud Examination --Joseph T. Wells
Hardcover 1992 Amazon Price: $69.50

Faud Examination for Managers & Auditors -- Jack C. Robertson
Paperback 1997  Amazon Price: $45.00

Management Accountant's Guide to Fraud Discovery and Control --
(Wiley/Institute of Management Accountants Professional Book Series
-- Howard R. Davia, et al

Paperback 1991 Amazon Price: $89.95

Targeting Fraud : Uncovering & Deterring Fraud in Financial Institutions -- Benton E. Gup
Hardcover 1994 Amazon Price: $47.50

The Accountant's Handbook of Fraud and Commercial Crime -- Jack Bologna, et al
Paperback 1992 Amazon Price: $165.00

The Role of Analytical Procedures in Detecting Management Fraud -- Inst. of Management Accountants
Paperback 1993Amazon Price: $20.00

You Can't Cheat an Honest Man : How Ponzi Schemes and Pyramid Frauds Work... and
Why They're More Common Than Ever
-- James Walsh

Paperback 1998 Amazon Price: $19.95

Accounting and Other
Best Practice in Inventory Management -- Tony Wild;
Paperback 1998 Amazon Price: $49.95

Commercial Bank Valuation -- William D. Miller / John Wiley & Sons
Hardcover 1995 Amazon Price: $125.00

Corporate Controller's Handbook of Financial Management (2nd Ed) -- Joel G. Siegel, et al
Hardcover 1997 Amazon Price: $115.00

The Complete Reference Guide for Credit & Collection Executives -- Richard B.DeFabio;
Hardcover 1998 Amazon Price: $135.00

The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement -- Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Jeff Cox;
Paperback 1994 Amazon Price: $15.96 (Note:  This is a Novel about process management)


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