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This listing of Asset Based lending field examination providers (auditors) is one of the largest lists compiled.  We recommend that you interview at least five firms and focus on experience rather than just geographical location or price.  Skilled audit talent can provide insight that will help to safeguard lender assets and provide some confidence that numbers are reasonable or out of line with expectations.

ABL Resources  PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)   

Located in London, UK this firm is headed by seasoned examiners that have worked for large ABL providers and public accountants that specialize in ABL. With a focus on lender needs, ABL and Factoring specific transactions, ABL Resources is uniquely qualified to cover Europe with the level of professionalism, expertise, detail and efficiency that commercial lenders expect. Contact Khurram Rana, Director or Stuart Morgan, Director


Administrative Services, LLC  AssetWriter Field Exam Software

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, we serve Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. Field examination experience combined with years of senior financial management expertise results in a unique insight and understanding of management accounting systems. Contact Bob Phelps at 901-758-0016


Bluewater Transaction Advisors LLC  PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)   

Bluewater is headquartered in the Midwest and was launched in 2001 on the premise that the market needed a high-quality, efficient and timely product produced by great people using a solid process. Bluewater serves international, national, and regional commercial borrowers and lenders with a focus on relieving the angst of high-risk, high-profile transactions. The firm is made up of accountants, finance professionals, CPAs and CFEs all with a true understanding that real-time data, clearly articulated, is just as critical to its clients as a reliable bottom line calculation. With a national footprint, Bluewater can service collateral evaluation or forensic accounting needs across the US and Canada. Contact Ellen Harla at or 586-558-8888 x 101.


Boston & Associates  PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)   

Located in Rosemont, PA, Boston & Associates, P.C. brings its expertise and knowledge of accounting to performing asset based field examinations and forensic litigation services. Our firm specializes in asset based field examinations, which allow a client to obtain knowledge of their customer concerning: Its History, Its Decision-making Process, Its Financial & Internal Control, Its Customers and Its Creditors. Our firm also specializes in examinations which include: Healthcare, Pre-Loan Examinations and Troubled Loan Examinations. We have a great deal of experience in providing these types of examinations and work with major lending institutions and law firms to provide immediate and responsive service. Contact Paul Boston


Bronsky & Company  PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)   

Located in Buffalo, NY the Bronsky Company offers conventional business accounting and tax services, but with a dedicated ABL only staff.  This rapidly growing business is focused on report excellence through the use of both qualified individuals and technology for data analysis.  See what a boutique firm with senior staff can do for you.  Contact Sam Bronsky.

Cascade Credit Services, Inc.  PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)   

Founded in 1995, Cascade Credit Services provides best-of-class asset-based loan collateral examinations and underwriting advice for over 50 lenders including the nation’s largest financial institutions, asset based lenders and regional and community banks in the Western and Intermountain States. Cascade fosters team collaboration between lender, borrower and staff as a means to generate effective, creative risk management strategies.  Rich Denman, President  (503) 722-2009


CBC Group   PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)   

Located in Dallas, TX with offices in Philadelphia, Toronto and Ottawa Canada.  Specializing in nothing but ABL with a group of black-belt level examiners.  CBC specializes in fast turn-around time, data analysis and is a technology driven company.  Quickly setting the pace, CBC maintains quality seasoned ABL professionals for all work.   Contact Devinder Chaudhary


Cherry Bakaert & Holland  PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)

From Virginia to Florida, CBH covers the Southeast with professionals that are focused on ABL specific duties.


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Cost Reduction Solutions  PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes) 

Headquartered in the North East, CRS is ready to support your collateral exam needs anywhere throughout the United States and globally. The field exam division of CRS supports over 65 lending institutions throughout the United States. Our firm has more than 35 examiners with diverse backgrounds, extensive collateral experiences and knowledge. We are keen and respectful to the exam process of your borrowers' costs while diligent to your collateral protection. To schedule a field exam or learn more about our services and offerings, please email or call Denise Albanese @ 973-887-8124.


D&K Financial Services, Inc.   PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)

Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, D&K Financial Services, Inc. is an outsourcing firm that provides field exams for asset based loans.  The Company began in 1994 and provides field exams to a number of banks and finance companies.  Our firm is small in order to provide only senior field examiners with over 20 years experience.  Please contact Deanna Hedigan at 954-600-1231 for more information.


Dopkins & Company ABL Consulting Services  PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes) 

Recognized as one of the largest Asset Based Lending Consulting Services in North America, the team at Dopkins & Company assists clients with specialized field examinations. With headquarters in Buffalo, NY, and regional locations in Ann Arbor, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Hartford, Los Angeles, Miami, Raleigh, Richmond, and Toronto, our reach allows us to minimize travel expenses and effectively perform national, multi-site examinations. Our 20 full-time ABL specialists plan, design and perform hundreds of sophisticated field examinations and fraud investigations for a variety of businesses and industries each year. We provide tailor-made solutions for each client’s individual needs, with services including supplemental examiners, contract field examinations, outsourcing and training of client in-house field examiners. We strive to be more than another outsource. We want to be your go-to resource. To learn more about Dopkins ABL services, please contact Joseph Heim, CPA at 716-634-8800 or


Durkin Group, LLC  PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)   

Headquartered in New Jersey, with regional offices in several markets.  At Durkin Group, we consider ourselves an extension of our client’s staff. We are focused on providing cost effective value added services. Our team of seasoned analysts has significant business experience and expertise in many industries.  Typical services include:  Pre-loan surveys, pre-funding examinations, recurring field examinations, workout assistance/collateral monitoring, corporate investigations, background investigation, securitization examinations, underwriting assistance, and virtually any other agreed upon procedures, customized to meet your needs.  Kevin Durkin, Managing Director.


Freed Maxick ABL Services, Inc.  PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)

Headquartered in Buffalo, with offices in New York, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Dallas, Los Angeles and other states.  Dedicated to ABL with over 40 full-time and trained ABL field examiners that perform in excess of 1,500 field examinations annually. With a focus on commercial finance and ABL outsourcing needs, Freed Maxick has become the largest provider of this specialty service in North America.  Howard Rein, Managing Director.


Focus Lender Services Group, LLC®   PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)   

FOCUS has been in operation since 2000, provides examination services to Asset Based Lenders headquartered primarily in North America and has examined billions of dollars of commercial loans.  FOCUS uses professionals in both the United States and Canada, with a minimum experience level of 10 years per examiner. The professionals of FOCUS provide services such as surveying, pre-closing, underwriting, recurring and forensic collateral examination services.  We can be reached at 866-60-AUDIT (28348).


Fuller Landau Consulting, Ltd.   PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)

Specialists in Canadian ABL field exams.  Working out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this niche accounting firm specializes in due diligence, specialty audits, has a full commercial insolvency practice and has an experienced and dedicated ABL team. Fuller’s ABL examiners regularly travel throughout Canada conducting fieldwork. ABL clients include the largest Canadian and US lenders.  Contact Mr. Jay Tucker, Sr. Manager of ABL Field Exams at: 416 645-6588 or


GDR Advisory Group, Inc.  PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)

Located in Toronto, Ontario Canada, the GDR Advisory Group Inc. was formed in 2008 as a firm specializing in the completion of collateral field exams for Asset Based Lenders. GDR's principals include Sean Rai and Gino Di Petta


InSight Examination Services   PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)

Located in Orange County, CA.  When you retain the services of InSight Examination Services, you're benefiting from the knowledge and experience of the entire company.  All our expertise in asset based financing, field examinations and account management make us one of the premiere ABL examination firms in North America.  Dedicated staff, dedicated management, state-of-the-art analysis and a responsive attitude add value to your examinations.  Contact Sunil Garg, CFE


Keyser Associates

Located in Illinois and specializing in ABL related fieldwork for almost three decades with a practice focused on larger transactions, problem conditions, fraud analysis and other complex matters.


Lender's Consulting Group   PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)

Located in Miami, FL, Tampa, LF and Columbus, OH, Lender’s Consulting Group, Inc. (“LCG”) provides outsourced due diligence services including field examinations, appraisals, credit and underwriting, and risk analysis for a wide variety of lenders including banks, asset-based lenders, factors, hedge funds, and institutional investors.  LCG’s professionals have extensive experience in credit, underwriting, field examinations, accounting, workout management, operations, and account management.  This experience provides lenders with additional insight into transaction risk that cannot be provided by most other accounting and field examination firms.  Contact Paul Epstein (813) 226-2800


Lowell Douglas   PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)

Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, Lowell Douglas Limited provides field examination and advisory services to financial institutions and their borrowing customers within the Asset Based Lending (“ABL”) industry in Canada. We understand that field examinations and surveys in the ABL arena are specialized and centered on specific risk management objectives, and we work with our clients and their customers to ensure that field examination and advisory results are complete, timely and accurate regardless of size or complexity.  On every field examination, we look for ways to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the examination and reporting functions and to integrate our efforts with our clients’ operations in a seamless fashion. Some borrowers have asked Lowell Douglas to identify ways in which they can improve their use of an ABL facility and we have worked with them (with the knowledge and permission of the lender) to upgrade reporting systems, streamline inventory management systems and improve the administration of receivables. Barry Munholland CPA CA, Principal (905) 464-2342.


Martin & Associés, Gestionnaires   PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)

Located in Montreal Quebeque, Canada, Martin focuses on a wide range of niche services including ABL.  The bi-lingual staff and understanding of local accounting practices, with a specialty in ABL makes our firm unique in the region.  Please contact Mario Petit at 1 (800) 265-0570


Meyers Norris Penny, LLP   PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)  

With offices in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and over 40 other cities in Canada, MNP is one of the top 10 firms in Canada.  The insolvency practice is working with Asset Based Lenders on a regular basis and clients include both US and Canadian lenders.  Contact Kevin Spitzmacher


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RG Barber & Associates   PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)

Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, RG Barber Consultants, CPA's specializes in providing objective and insightful collateral evaluations and analyses for lending institutions. In addition to collateral valuation, we provide a wide range of other services including credit underwriting, monitoring, workout and bankruptcy services and litigation support. RG Barber currently employees more than 20 full time asset based lending field examiners. Contact Ron Barber, President at: 216-226-8203


SAR Consultants   PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)

Headquarters in Boca Raton, FL SAR Consultants bring years of ABL experience to the table.  With a 100% ABL focus, the reports are fast, accurate and insightful.  Why take chances with junior staff when you can have seasoned professionals?  Contact Stephen A. Russman at 561 706-1690 or


Sisterson   PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)

Located in Pittsburgh, PA, this firm provides a small staff of dedicated ABL examiners.  Like many niche firms, we are able to specialize in your needs and ABL is one example of an area that we can provide expertise for.  Contact John Kaye


Trump Lender Services   PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)

Headquartered in Fort Washington, PA, with staff in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, our mission is to provide the best in asset-based collateral field examination services with experienced field examiners who understand the asset-based lending industry's collateral evaluation needs and the impact of collateral field examinations on credit decisions. As a leading provider of field examination services, we are recognized in the industry as a firm that values experience, quality, and service. Contact Marcie Trump 215-358-1007 x101


Unified Examiners   PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)  

Headquartered in Fullerton, CA with examiners in the West, Midwest and Southeast.  Currently performing field exams for well known national and local lenders with a staff of ABL veteran examiners.  Contact Wayne Finkel, CEO.


Wolrige Mahon Chartered Accountants   PwrBy.gif (1165 bytes)  

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, our firm has taken a strong insolvency practice and applied that talent to Asset Based Lending.  With significant US and Canadian lender experience, we offer focused analysis skills in Western Canada.  Contact Johnathan McNair, CA


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