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A listing of Asset Based Lending and factoring software providers for audit, data downloading, back-office management, financial analysis and programming.

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FinSoft, LLC

Our focused attention to Asset Based Lending for audit and operations has allowed FinSoft, LLC to offer best-in-industry software for ABL specific needs. Featuring AssetWriter, AssetReader and AssetArchive, the most advanced, flexible and user friendly asset based lending field examination, data analysis, ineligible calculation and real-time fraud prevention tools anywhere.  

is a complete field examination (audit) workpaper and report writeup solution that saves time with combined tests, built-in word processing, live data grids in the writeup, intelligent report formatting and dozens of features that spreadsheets could only wish for.  Multiple divisions, single tests, and even multiple examiners can be combined with just a few mouse clicks.  The expert level reports and graphs flow into the writeup for fast and detailed insights during the writeup process.  Full-featured word processing, exports to Excel, Word and more.  Featuring over 150 workpapers, instant consolidations and fanatical support since 1996.

AssetReader allows different report formats to be imported, converted to usable data and then analyzed for specific Asset Based Lending calculations and reports.  This tool is the better idea for automated ineligible calculations of AR and Inventory.  Lenders and examiners can determine data integrity with a tool targeted to the needs of lenders that wish to download data electronically.  The most complete and easy to use ineligible calculations available for AR and Inventory, from the people that wrote the book on ineligibles ABL-Help).  AssetReader imports text, delimited, Excel and PDF files.  More than an AR Wizard, AssetReader imports AR agings, AP agings, inventory reports, cost of sales or units sold reports, sales journals, cash journals, GL journals and more.  Pre-defined ABL reports are available for each report type and simple point and click options provide ineligibles, reaged agings, ineligible summaries and details, transaction code grouping for stats, inventory turnover, risky invoice analysis and more.  All of this with ABL specific settings and reports.  Data from AssetReader feeds into AssetWriter and AssetArchive.  Enhance your existing operations system and reduce asset exposure risks with AssetReader.

takes historical imports from AssetReader and produces historical trend data and data interrogation analytics to spot fraud conditions.  Featuring trends, unusual invoice  new debtor detection and an optional confirmation module.  Information that was formerly only available to the factoring industry is now available in AssetArchive.  User can keep existing back-office system, but enhance the ability to detect fraud and perform analytics with data driven intelligence provided through AssetReader.  Find the needles in the haystack of data in seconds and reduce fraud between field exams.


With well over a decade experience in scalable Web-based financial solutions, ABLSoft offers a new generation of Asset-based Lending, Collateral Monitoring and Compliance software.  Radar, our flagship product, is a Web-based portfolio management platform for running a successful ABL division.  It seamlessly integrates a robust lending system with state-of-the-art collateral monitoring, document management, financial spreading, aging receivables spreading, reports and more.  Or, you can choose only the modules you need. Our solutions can adapt to your company's  needs as you grow with minimal upfront costs.

Baker Hill

Baker Hill works in partnership with you to uncover opportunities that improve your small business banking processes. We determine the financial impact of those improved processes, and define and execute a plan designed to achieve measurable financial rewards -- both on time and on budget.  Featuring One Point and One Path software products for commercial banking operations, credit management and financial analysis.

3i Infotech - Distinctive Solutions

With over 500 factoring and ABL systems installed around the world, Distinctive Solutions is the undisputed leader in providing software to the factoring industry.  Systems are Windows based, web enabled and easy to use.  Discover why factors around the globe have made Distinctive Solutions software the industry standard.

ProfitStars a Jack Henry Company

Factoring and now ABL with Cadence... It’s about business. Covering all operation and collection aspects of bulk invoice financing with ABL controls to invoice based factoring, this Windows software application was developed after many years of experience in the factoring business and with experts in the ABL field.  Cadence is the most robust, complete, user-friendly software for the factoring industry available today.  Cadence is the most integrated solution in the business with a modern interface and the ability to move from periodic monitoring to invoice level monitoring.  Are you tired of excuses and wishing for a better solution?  Are you looking for advanced features without excessive costs?  Look no further, the solution is here.

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Sponsored By FinSoft, LLC Asset Based Lending Software
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