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We wish to thank the following people and Companies for their thoughtful help and resources (free stuff) in developing the the Asset Based Lender's Home Page, the FinSoft, LLC Home Page and the Clear Choice Seminars Home Page:

  1. FinSoft, LLC for starting this page with use of their file space at Compuserve and now a real server!

  2. WinWare, Inc. for the Beta of their web page authoring software "Atrax" used to design and create the first release of these pages.  Ported to FrontPage-98 during 1997, FrontPage-2000 during 2000, 2003 and 2009.

  3. Amazon.Com for offering so much.

  4. Ali Adelstein at Solidvision for the starry Gif file

  5. Animation and coloring of FinSoft Logo from Joe Caplan, CPA

  6. Thank you to a [former] high school kid named Eric Bosrup from Sweden, for the outstanding OverLib Javascript module used for the popups.

  7. Pages designed, edited and maintained by FinSoft, LLC and Clear Choice Seminars, Inc.

  8. Tutorials by Clear Choice Seminars, Inc.

  9. All page authoring by Joseph R. Caplan, CPA (cut, paste, assemble)

  10. Special thanks to my friend Conrad Wolfgang Jack Verver for possessing a wonderful spirit.

  11. Special Thanks to my great friend David Kommalan (Baltimore, MD) for reminding me to stay cool in the heat and for being a great Chief.

  12. A Bazillion thanks to Laurie for putting up with 80 hour weeks.

  13. All Companies, trade names and trademarks are recognized.

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