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American Bankruptcy Institute

Dun & Bradstreet

Experian (Formerly TRW Information Systems)

Trade Association Index (Weddle's) - Know your Borrower's industry and trends in that industry.

Trade Associations - Metal Products

Exchange Rates

Oanda Exchange Rates

XE Exchange Rates

Research Tools

AWESOME LISTING of Government Sites

Cornell University Business Base (Quite Good!) (Annual Report / Ratio Guide / Financial Research Links)

GILS (Government Information Locator Service)

IRS Home Page Stuff

KnowX (very comprehensive public records search / free off-peak)

NAICS (North American Industry Classification System)

Rutgers University Business Links Page

Sources of Financial Data Available-Ohio State (PACKED with sites)


SEC - Guide to Corporate Filings

SIC (Standard Industry Classification Codes (Also See NAICS Above))

US Business Advisor

US Statistics / Census

US Department of Treasury

Wall Street Journal

Package Tracking


Federal Express Package Tracking

UPS Package Tracking

Phone Directories

Anywho (Find people and businesses)

Business Phone Listings and Credit Ratings (Bigbook)

Switchboard (Huge search enging for people and businesses)

Yahoo People Find (formerly "Four 11")  (e-mail and telephone listings)

E-Mail Adresses-Global Listings (Bigfoot)

Small Business

CCH Small Business Guide

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